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Order the Driving Record & Course Combo

A lot of courts have made it mandatory to get a driving record in order to disregard traffic tickets, and we make it convenient for drivers by providing you with the certificate. By ordering the record and course combo pack you have the advantage of getting a single registration, which allows you to avoid numerous visits to the DPS and piles of paperwork.

How does the course work?

Our Texas defensive driving course duration is six hours. During this course, you can take as many breaks as you want. You will start where you left.

There are eight chapters to this course. Each chapter will end with 10 multiple choice quizzes in the end. You are required to get seventy percent to pass.

After you complete all the eight chapters there are no final exam to pass. That is why this course guarantees you to pass and get the certificate.

You will be happy to know that you can easily get that moving violation removed from your record. Our online driving safety course allows you to attain credit easily for the standard TDLR safe driving course. The online course allows you to work “at your own pace” comfortably. You can be your own boss while you work and manage it comfortably. Do you want to learn how to become a better driver while sitting in your pajamas? Nobody is judging you!

Its Fast, Quick & Easy, Which is Why It’s the Best

Once you have gotten approval for the driving safety course from the court, then you can enroll into the course easily. Once you have signed-in to the course, you can login and logout at your own discretion. You are in charge of your course schedule and can complete it at your own pace, which is way better than sitting in a boring classroom. Once you have completed the driving safety course, you will considerably lessen the chances of getting traffic tickets, while you gain the advantage of discounted rates on insurance plans at the same time. Insurance companies set premium discounts for drivers who have taken this course, so it will work to your benefit.

Become a Better Driver and Dismiss Your Tickets with Our Course

Do you want to become a better driver and dismiss your tickets at the same time? Kill 2 birds with the same stone, and take this 6 hour online video course, which will consist of extremely simple chapters. In order to get a TDLR approval, the court has to cover basic rules of the road, which include driver inattention, drug and alcohol awareness, and highway markings and signs reading.

Take the Multiple-Choice Quiz As Many Times as You Want

If you are looking for an easy and short online safety driving course, then your search is finally over! It doesn’t matter what type of benefits you are looking to gain – looking to gain discounts on insurance premiums or trying to get that traffic ticket removed, cleansing your driving record from misdemeanors or just refreshing your knowledge about driving rules and regulations and safety procedures – we can provide you with unmatched training in terms of defensive driving techniques.

Get all the Help You Need Right Here! All Day, Every Day!

The Texas Online Defensive Driving Course also provides you with 24/7 around the clock customer support services. Our main concern is satisfying all of our customers and we are committed and dedicated towards offering you the very best experience when you are taking this course. If you face any difficulties or problems with any part of this course, then our expert customer support representatives from the United States will be on hand to assist you in any way possible.

So feel free to 24/7 Support with any suggestions or queries any time of the day – we work around the clock to ensure that you have nothing to worry about when taking the Texas online driving safety course or defensive driving course.

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