Texas Seat Belt Course Online

  • If the Court has mandated you to take a seat belt course
  • Approved by the TDLR throughout Texas State
  • Order Driving Record Online in case you Need It
  • Rush Processing and Expedited Shipping Available
  • Customer Support available through Phone or Mail

Satisfies a order from court to take

Texas Seat Belt Course

If you have broken the seat belt laws in the state of Texas and the court has given your orders to complete this course then you are in luck! The course offered by us is approved by the TDLR and is also highly convenient, since it can be completed online. You don’t need to know a lot about computers in order to take this course. It offers you high convenience and you can also take the course from wherever you want and whenever you want. And since it has been developed by licensed traffic safety instructors, it also teaches you everything you want to learn about seat belt safety.

You never know when you may have a question about the course or process and that is why we have a 24-hour customer support team there to help you. This way you know there will always be someone there when you need them.

Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Approval

This online seat belt course for Texans is approved by the Texas TDLR, so you can be rest assured that it will be approved for and accepted by all courts in Texas. After you have completed the course, you will need to submit your course completion certificate and driver records in the courts as soon as your tickets are dismissed. Both of which will be sent by us to your home.

Same-Day Processing of Your Completion Certificate

Your certificate of completion is processed the very day that you finish the course, so you don't have to wait long to fix up your driving record and start saving some money. We mail it right to your house and the shipping is free; things don't get much better than that!

Start at your Convenience & Set the Pace

Breaking seat belt laws in Texas is a serious offense, since it can easily lead to the loss of life of a loved one or yourself. By taking this course you will be able to avoid costly mistakes that you will regret for the rest of your life. The entire course can be designed to take at home, without the need for you to get in a classroom, and getting bored to death. It provides you with easy accessibility, and only requires a stable computer and a stable connection. Want to know why this course is the best? You can take it all online! You don’t have to take any stress regarding reaching the class on time and trying to concentrate due to weariness.

Get Texas Driver Record without Leaving Home

Why go down to the TX DPS, wait in long lines, and fill out a lot of paperwork, when you can order your Texas driving record instantly and have it by tomorrow? The Texas State DPS actually makes you wait up to 14 days before you can see your driving record, but we work closely with the Texas Online to ensure quality and accuracy on all of our products, and we make the entire process convenient for you. Just choose the e-mail option, and you will have a PDF of your Texas driver record in your email inbox within 24 hours.