Common Questions & Answers

Following are few of the commonly asked questions asked by the students of Texas Defensive Driving Online course. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us to get it answered.

Does the TDLR Approve the Defensive Driving Course?

Absolutely! The defensive driving course that we provide has met with all the Texas Education Agency requirements that are outlined for dismissing traffic citations and qualifying for insurance discounts that are provided by insurance companies.

What things should I know about before enrolling in the course?

You will have to get the court’s approval before enrolling into the course. It is a simple procedure and can be done easily by making a call to the court. You can check out the phone number for the Court at the back of your citation.

Is it necessary to take the 6 hour course in just 1 sitting?

You don’t have to take the 6 hour course in 1 sitting, and can take advantage from the interactive online defensive driving course at your own convenience. There is plenty of flexibility provided for the driving safety course, which ensures that busy people such as you can easily take this course. You will only have to make sure that you finish the course by the date that the court has appointed for you.

Does the course provide additional benefits other than dismissing tickets?

Yes! The defensive driving course also provides you with the benefit of enjoying discounts on your insurance premiums once you have completed this course. You can also check out the details from your insurance company in order to take advantage from the course. The course also provides you with the benefit of becoming a much better driver and you have better road sense as well. It allows you to enhance your driving skills and become a better defensive driver that avoids accidents.

Do I have to read for the entire 6 hours?

No! You don’t have to focus all your attention on reading when taking this course, since there are lots of interactive animations that keep you engaged and alert. You can also take advantage of the $5.00 audio read along option, while you can upgrade to the video course for $10.00 more and you will not have to worry about reading for 6 hours at all.

Do I really need to have a copy of my driving record as orderezd by the court?

The court requires a copy of your driving record in order to make sure that you have not previously dismissed a citation with the help of this driving course during the past year. They will have to check all the previous violations in order to be certain that you have not taken a prior driving safety course.

What do I do after completing the course?

Once you have finished the course, your certificate will be sent to you via mail. There will be 2 copies, one for your insurance company and the other one for the court. Insurance companies have policies that provide drivers that have taken defensive driving courses with discounts on their insurance policy.

When you get the certificate, take one copy with you to the court along with your driving record in order to dismiss the ticket. The Court will then go through the necessary paperwork and make arrangements for dismissing the citation. Paperwork will be filed with the Texas Department of Public Safety in order to ensure that the citation doesn’t stick on your record.

Get Your Money Back Guarantee

We provide you with the option to get your money back if you are in some way not satisfied when you take the defensive driving course. The TDLR has approved our defensive driving course, which is the state authority in Texas and you can even take the course online on low prices with 100% complete satisfaction and the money back guarantee. You can select and finish the 6 hour course at your own pace and will then get your certificate via the express delivery option that we provide.

Why should I choose the Texas video course?

One of the best ways of taking the defensive driving safety course is by getting the Texas video course.

  • You can take the course at your own speed
  • Complete video with no boring text lessons
  • Jam packed with animations to entertain you

What is the significance of a clean driving record?

It is essential that you keep your driving record completely clean. Too many people don’t realize the fact that a single citation can have a huge negative impact on your driving record.

  • Skyrocketing insurance rates
  • Tough to get jobs
  • Additional challenges and more