Order Texas DPS Approved 3a Driving Record + Text Course!

Order Texas DPS Approved 3a Driving Record + Video Course!

Text Course & Driving Record

You can very easily make your ticket go away through the online defensive driving course. It is very easy and is extremely affordable at the same time. It is very easy and is extremely affordable at the same time.

  • Place an order for driving records along with the text course
  • It is required by all courts along with the course certificate
  • Complete it quicker with the 1 hour delivery via email

Video Course & Driving Record

If you have gotten a ticket, then you can take the Texas defensive driving video course, as it is mandatory by law. The online video course is quite entertaining and engaging as well, and you won’t have to read lengthy texts for hours either.

  • Place an order for the driving record with the video course
  • Approved video course by Texas TDLR
  • Complete all the requirements of the court at once

Our systems are extremely user friendly, and they allow you to gain easy access to our website and get the complete records of your driving in the state of Texas, along with copies and other documents. The only thing you need is a computer with internet connectivity and you won’t have to download a single thing. You can get your documents in just a few, easy, steps that include filling the online form and then signing right at the bottom. You can also make your signature via the mouse if you want to avoid visiting in person and completing the process. Therefore, it only takes a small amount of time in order to acquire your Texas DPS driving record. It is quick, efficient, convenient and doesn’t require you to make frequent visits. You will only have to fill in the information provided below on your online form at the website:

  • The license number
  • The day you were born
  • Last 4 numbers of the Social Security Number
  • Audit Number of Texas DPS (This can be found on your driving license at the bottom of the license right beside your picture)

Your Driving Record is Essential for Court Requirements

If you elect to dismiss your ticket with the driving safety course, then the court in the city you were driving will want you to prove what kind of driver you were before you got charged with the ticket. The State law will only allow drivers to dismiss 1 ticket a year with a driving safety course. The court will only ask for your driving record in order to be certain that you are following the law.

The Benefits of the Video Compared to Other Texas Courses

This online video course that teaches defensive driving in Texas has all the benefits that you would gain from other courses, but it has additional benefits as well. The convenience afforded to you means that you can easily choose to end your session by bookmarking it, if you are running late and want to go to a party. Come back and start the session from where you left it, no worries.

Further Benefits for Getting Your Record

If you have a copy of your current driving record, then you will enjoy some further benefits. The course is the first one, since you will require that in court, and the second is your credit report. Checking your driving record frequently will allow you to keep track of accurate data as well. Your car insurance may be higher because of an accident or a citation that you never had on your driving record.

Is it Necessary to get in touch with the

DPS to get my Driving Record copy?

No way! Earlier, the only way to get your driving record is from texasonline.com, not anymore. You can select the option to have your driving record delivered directly by us when you sign up initially. This provides you with greater convenience and you won’t have to deal with any hassles. We want to help you get over this ‘minor blip’ in your life, and will ensure that it is dealt with easily. If you want to enjoy the express delivery option then you will have to place a request through e-mail and the copy of your driving record will be delivered at your doorstep in 1 business day.

The Driving Record Combo and the Driving Safety Course Allows Great Convenience

We provide 2 different price structures. The overall cost of the basic course along with a driving record copy is $49.95, and if you want to upgrade to the video course then you will only have to pay $10.00 on top of that. We just want you to get your ticket dismissed as soon as possible without having to deal with any unnecessary hassles. Our package deal will ensure that all parties, which include the court, the insurance company and you, are happy. Your driving record will be clean and the ticket will be taken care of at the same time.

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