How Are Electric Vehicles Better?

Global warming is one of the biggest threats to the survival of the human race currently. Even though, we realize the harm our actions are causing to the environment, we have become a slave to them. This is why engineers are busy creating safer versions of most of our creations responsible for polluting the environment.


A car is one of the inventions that are directly responsible for harming the earth. There are numerous emissions from a car that cause direct harm to the environment while consuming non-renewable resources at the same time. Hence, the electric car was introduced in the market as the safer and non-polluting replacement of a gasoline car. Let’s look at some of the benefits of an electric car compared to a gasoline car.
Pollution Free

The main reason behind creating an eco-friendly car was to give people a chance to use a vehicle that is environment friendly. The idea behind this invention was to reduce the overall emissions from gasoline cars into the environment, thus preventing them from causing any further damage.

Renewable Energy
An electric car is our key to driving a car that uses electricity as a source. If this electricity is created using renewable sources of energy, our cars will technically be clean as well; they will not harm the environment or leech our limited resources at all.
An Efficient Solution

Even while using electricity from fossil fuels, an electric car uses less energy than one that runs on gasoline and prevents us not only from polluting the environment, but reduces the overall energy consumption energy by 4 % as well.

Battery Replacement
The lead batteries used in conventional cars are hazardous while running and even when they are fully charged. Disposing these batteries is equally harmful to the environment though.

When this lead gets into the sea, it harms not only the marine life but also poisons the water for us as well. When this lead becomes a part of the soil, it adds lead to the vegetables grown in the soil. In comparison, the nickel and lithium batteries used in electric cars are safer for the environment than their lead counterparts.

Reduced Poisonous Fluids
Not only do gasoline cars emit harmful fumes and use non-renewable sources of energy, they also use chemicals that pollute the environment. These pollutants are typically in the form of anti freeze and motor oils etc. An electric car on the other hand requires no such fluids and chemicals to keep it running smoothly.

Fuel Dependency
Electric cars have been introduced as an option that can rid us of our dependency on fuel. Trading oil is one of the main causes behind the hostility amongst countries. If we could shift to electric cars, we will lose this fuel dependency that we have on oil exporting countries.

If we can clean up our electricity generation, electric cars would become the most eco-friendly vehicles, thus eliminating the threats that cars pose to our environment, completely.